Kor Isen

by Kings of Edelgran

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First auto-produced EP.


released March 31, 2014

Josias Delcourt: Composer.
Jérome Caudron: Composer.

Jordan Leclercq: Snare on "The gate".
Luc Vermeulen: Backing voices on "Up North" and "Kor Isen".

Painting "Iceland1": Christophe De Terwangne.
Typography: Jean-Pierre Vermeulen.



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Kings of Edelgran Belgium

Kings of Edelgran is a Belgian polar indie rock band roaming in a landscape of vast frozen areas and thick snowy forests, where the mounts drill the blizzard.

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Track Name: Walking, WI
I would like to roam a little more
All alone since you're gone
And I don't want to stay home

Silent cries
Blurry eyes
Noisy heart needs peace and quiet

I would like to roam a little more
Leaving my troubles behind
Leaving my sorrow behind

Silent road
Lonely song
Broken heart needs peace and quiet

Far away in the forest
So deep down with my secrets
Falling snow
Falling snow
Falling snow
Track Name: The gate
From the sky where you saw your fate
From the start when you lost your name
Strangers came and stole your soul
Can you see the world behind the wall?

Staring at the pale hollow sky
Dreaming about an escape in the wild

Cut the rope they tied around your neck
Let your fears dying among the wreck
Make sure you'll never back again
Far from this swallowing morass

Oh you'd better find a gate
Forget the ways, too obvious, so late
Staring at the pale morning lights
Thinking about an escape in the wild

Oh walking in the quiet
Oh you feel fine
Staring at the bright golden sky
Running away so free into the wild

Free and wild
Free and wild
Track Name: Up North
Northern land, red road to the end
My heart is freezing, cold and tired feet
However still moving, slowly, hardly
Creed or weakness, or just a love's madness?

Who knows?
Who knows?

When the night is coming and the fear is crippling
Escape up North
When the cold is biting and the soul is crying
Escape up North
When I sway, when I fall, but I can't stop moving
To the land where the sky is burning

Escape up North
Escape up North
Escape up North
To the land where this road leads my feet
Track Name: Fillan
Rain on the windows, creaking doors
This is the biggest storm I've ever seen
And I'm here and you are there
And a thousand miles between

Could it be the weather, dear
Could it be the miles
That sum up my repressed fear
And the call of your sweet eyes

And the abyss between us twain
Which nothing cleaves or clears
Is more than distance or pouring rain
And longer than the years

Sometimes I dare myself to dream
Of a place where we'd be free
Then the sky begins to tear
If you could come back to me

If you could come back to me